Lists: Favorite Restaurants

I love to eat! I try to stay healthy but I won’t even try to pretend! I love food more than I love bikini’s!! I like cooking and keep saying that once I have a big kitchen and a full family to cook for, that I’ll cook more often! (Don’t we all say that?! lol) It’s annoying cooking for only 2 people and we aren’t big on left overs! Yes, I cook but we also like to eat out! Keeping with our Sunday lists; here are my Favorite Restaurants!!

P.S. I absolutely LOVE small business’ and eating at the local places! When we travel I hate eating at restaurants that we have back home and that I could eat at anywhere. I want to try what the locals love!! But for this, since my followers are everywhere I’m going to list National, well known places and what I love from there!! Please leave your favorite local spots and the location below though so I can try it if I ever travel there!!

  1. Chick-Fil-A! It’s my favorite restaurant!! Everything about it! The sandwich, the nuggets, the sweet tea! I loveee their Peppermint Chocolate Milkshake each Christmas season! Yum!! Of course it’s Sunday and now I’m craving it!!

No particular order from here!

2. Buffalo Wild Wings! I love their chicken strips because you can get them tossed in any wing seasoning (I love the lemon pepper) and I always order their potato wedges instead of the fries!!

3. McAlister’s! Their Sweet Tea is the best!!!

4. Domino’s is my favorite pizza chain! I love the garlic crust they have!!! The little chicken bites are amazing too! They have the $5.99 coupon all of the time!!

5. Olive Garden! Who doesn’t love their bread sticks! Everything else is just a bonus!!! I normally get the Tour of Italy because I can’t ever decide on just one dish!

6. Whataburger! Yep, I’m from Texas and YES they are the best fast food burgers EVER!!! I love the Patty Melt & the Sweet & Spicy!!

7. Jason’s Deli! Who doesn’t love free ice cream?? 😉 Ok, but really! I love the Smokey Jack Panini!! Plus, they deliver!!

8. Starbucks is a restaurant right?! I love their croissants & bagels, oh && their sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich! You know I LOVE coffee, so this is a no brainer!

9. Sonic! This is my go to quick snack place! I love their corn dogs && they make a Lemon Berry Cream Slush that is my absolute favorite!

10. Freebirds! I love their kids chicken or steak quesadilla!! You can add any toppings you want!! My husband and I love Mexican food so I love that we can both go in and completely personalize our whole meal!!


Don’t forget to leave me your favorite local spots!!!

Until next time,




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