M&D’s Baby Shower

This past weekend I helped host my sister in laws baby shower along side my other sister in law, my mother in law (D’s side of the family) and then our new brother in law’s mom, sister && sister in law (M’s side of the family)!! Funny story!! My best friend, M’s sister, and I got her brother and my sister in law together! So now that they are married and pregnant with their first baby, we keep telling them “You’re welcome!!” 😜 Ok, ok back on track! She is doing a floral theme in the nursery so we tried to keep it on track with that! It was a couples shower, Beers and Baby!! We had the shower in their neighborhood clubhouse!! It was absolutely perfect && gorgeous for this! Here are some of the decorations:

M’s sister, sil, and mom made these decorations! Made the tassel banner, diaper cake,  and all! They did an amazing job!!! I could not get over the tassels!!

The clubhouse had an overhead door that opened, it was fantastic because there was a large playground outside and the kids could all go play! BUT it was chilly outside making it kind of cold inside! We started a fire, making the ambiance so perfect!

The 2 floral canvas signs, my mil brought for the nursery, she got those from Hobby Lobby!

I am still in awe of the details that went into everything! Even the pom poms around the edge of the table! The little arrows on the signs!

They ordered the cake and cupcakes from a local baker!

My sister in law made these cookies! There are no words! She did an incredible job! They were lemon flavored! OMG everyone is still talking about how perfect they tasted! Weren’t overly sweet either!! I’ve already put my order in for Penelope’s first birthday!! Be on the look out!!

These are the gorgeous center piece’s M’s family made for each of the tables! They used modge pod && lots of glitter for the vases!!

To make it easier on the mom and dad to be, they set up a station for everyone to write their address on an envelope for the Thank You cards!

To go along with the couples shower theme, the game we played was a baby bottle chugging contest! We had dad to be pick 4 other friends and their significant others to play. We filled their baby bottles half way up with beer and then dad to be had a full bottle! The girls held the bottles. The winner ripped the tip of the bottle nipple off and chugged it! lol

Here are a few more decor photos!! The Gifts && Cards Sign && the Drink table below! We also had a Munchies sign for the Food Table! We had fruits, veggies, pinwheels, and little croissant sandwiches!

We are so so excited about Little Miss S arriving! Their due date is a few days off of Penelope’s first birthday! I personally am so excited for her to have a cousin so close in age!

My best friend’s little boys went to the baby shower too and she shared this on Facebook  after:

Boys- “hmm.. I guess the baby shower never happened.”
Me- “that was the baby shower”
Boys- “but I never saw a baby taking a shower”

– – – – – – –

Boys- “Macey nobody ate your cake made of diapers. I told you it was gross.”

I thought that was too funny not to share!! Love them && loved seeing all of our families this weekend!!

Until next time!!





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