Lists: Movies to Watch


Watching movies is one of my favorite things to do!! Almost all of my husband and I’s first dates were just hanging out watching movies and talking all night long getting to know each other! We still love watching movies together! He is definitely more into the Action && Scary Movies and I’m alllll about the girly cheesy && comedy movies!!

1. ELF!!! FAVORITE movie EVER!! I will watch it year round and literally every. single. day from thanksgiving night until December 26th!! (My poor husband!) Yes, I’m totally making my daughter a shirt that says “Raised by Elves” next Christmas!!

(These are not in order from here down!!)

2. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days – This movie makes me so mad! lol I’m always like “fake the article and just LOVE EACH OTHER!!! Gah 2 perfect people!!

3. Sweet Home Alabama – Such a classic and who doesn’t love the popular saying from this movie: “So I can kiss you anytime I want”. Oh goodness, they are precious and I was totally rooting for them to end up back together!! Plus Reese Witherspoon is like my favorite Actress of all time!! Love her in Legally Blonde too!!

4. Eloise at Christmas Time – Please tell me I’m not the only one who would’ve loved living in a Hotel when you were little?! Staying in hotels is my absolute FAVORITE!

5. The Longest Ride – YOU will want to find yourself a cowboy after watching this movie! 😉 I love Nicholas Sparks movies!!

6. Toy Story (All of them) – Favorite Disney Movies! I feel like I grew with these movies, even went off to college when Andy did! && You KNOW I cried at the end of the last one!

7. The Shack – My husband and I found a church that we both love this past year! We became members and got our daughter baptized there! I won’t lie though, we went through some devastating news about a family member this past year that made us question a few things! This movie definitely helped us put hard times and our faith into perspective a little. I’ve recommended this movie to quite a few people! Even if you aren’t religious it can help you with forgiving others!

8. The Time Traveler’s Wife – This is my go to cry movie!!

9. ​Just Go With It – I’m honestly not sure why I like this movie but Jennifer Anniston and Adam Sandler are another two of my favorite actress && actor! Plus this happens in Hawaii! I would loveeee to visit there!! Just a fun little movie!

10. Finding Nemo/Dory – I thought these movies were cute but nothing crazy until I had my daughter and she lovess the fishies so it’s hard for me not to love these because of her!! Maybe I’ve been brain washed to like them from watching them so many times!

What are some of your favorite movies?!

P.S. I just realized I used the word ‘favorite’ WAY too many times in this post! lol

P.P.S. I LOVE the smell of popcorn but I can’t eat it! It makes my stomach hurt 😦 My husband LOVES movie theatre popcorn so he’s ok with this because he doesn’t have to share! lol

Until next time!!




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