I’m Engaged!! Throwback

As I promised!! Throwbacks to life before MamasColdCoffee Blog got started!! Get ya’ll caught up on life before!! Today we will start with our wedding engagement! Over the next few weeks we will hit on our Bridal Showers, Bachelorette Party, Wedding, Honeymoon, Baby Showers, and by that time, sadly, Miss Penelope Grace will be 1 year old; so we will end these throwbacks with a recap of the last 12 months of Growth and lead into her Pinterest Perfect (hopefully) Birthday Party!!! Are ya’ll ready for this?!

Richard and I started dating the day the world was supposed to end! December 2012, remember that nonsense? Us going on a date that night had NOTHING to do with the world ending lol BUT it makes it easy to remember! He proposed at my favorite spot in town, the water gardens, the day before my birthday 3 years later! He had his sister hiding behind a statue and captured the photo for us!! It is this huge round fountain of stairs and in the middle of it is a patch of grass! Of course, they had the water turned off for a water ban this day! But it was still perfect!!

(Sorry about the quality of the photo, long story!! But it’s still a sweet memory!!)

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Here was our Facebook announcement photo!

Image may contain: Richard Olivares

I asked each bridesmaid a different way, here were 3 of the big ways:

My sister – Maid Of Honor – with a bag saying I found my Mister but I still need my Sister, filled with little goodies including one of those Jersey T-Shirts with Maid of Honor on the back and a Charm from James Avery engaged with MOH.

My Best Friend Macey, Maid of Honor #2 – She lives hours away so I sent her a card with pearl earrings and a little asking her to be my bridesmaid! A few months later I sent her A Christmas Ornament asking her to be my #2 MOH because she had gone above and beyond Bridesmaid duties!!! && My sister was on scholarship at school for Volleyball and loved her help with everything!! Wanted to give her the recognition she deserved!!

My Sister in Law – Bridesmaid – A Bag that said I cannot wait until we are sisters but until then…(Inside the bag was a bottle of wine with a note that read,) Will you be my Bridesmaid?

My husband got each of his groomsmen a beer mug that had their title on it and a note that said “I only get to make one decision in this wedding”

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Richard’s Niece and 2 Nephews, My godson, and one of our closest family friends (she now calls Penelope her sister) were our flower girls and ring bearers! Sounds like a bunch but it worked so perfect!! You’ll see in the wedding post!! 😉

We had an engagement party bbq with both of our families and closest friends! It was cheesy and perfect!! Even had blow pops that said, “He popped the question”! I told you it was cheesy!!

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We ordered Save the Date Magnets for everyone to keep on their fridges!! Here was the photo on it:

Image may contain: Richard Olivares and Britnee Olivares, people smiling

I LOVED being engaged and the whole entire process up to the wedding!!! The planning, the ring, the excitement! It was all so fun!

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We did have A LOT of issues with the venue though! Had to get the owners and a lawyer involved! The sales lady could not keep anything straight, bashed every idea I asked for, told me she was too busy for me and kept asking me for free tickets to concerts at my job!!! It was crazy!! But day of, you never would’ve known! It was all so perfect and I wish I could do it all over again!! But we will get to that!! Click HERE to see my Bridal Showers!!

Until next time!!









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