SeneGence Review!!

I’m sure I’m like every other blogger out there who talks about wanting to start a blog but then thinks “Who would actually read this?!” and “Do I really even have anything interesting to say?!”. Well, what better way to actually dive into this exciting world than your Best Friend coming to town, pouring you a glass of wine and saying “Do It Now!!”. I cannot thank you enough Macey for encouraging me!!

Meet Macey (and me)!!

She is a SeneGence Distributor!! She is letting me try on alllllll of the LipSence colors and Products that I want (*Her personal stash) and review them on here!! She’s the best for giving me the push &&& a topic to help me get the product review section of my blog started!! P.S. this is a major sign we’ve turned into mom’s! This is what we think is a crazy Friday night! A bottle of wine and trying on make up 😉

Ok! Let’s get started!!!

 Just a little insight before we get too far into this; My morning make up routine is as following: Mascara. Done.

So I was a little nervous for this full on make over I was about to get! &&& Let me just say after the Climate Control Anti-Aging Moisturizer (Refreshing when putting it on), DayTime Moisturizer, and then the Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer, I don’t feel anything on my face!!! It’s crazy!!! Normally I can feel the foundations on my face, whether it’s because they are sticky, thick, or whatever! But, these are so light!! I can’t believe how little amount of each product was used too!! These bottles will last you forever, practically! She used the Shadow Senses on me too, I’ve never heard of liquid eye shadow before (no I don’t live under a rock) but its incredible!! It stays on all day!! It doesn’t even smudge!! I am literally obsessed already! Having a 9 month old and all of the running around we do, this stuff is like a miracle make up for mom’s!!

Now for my favorite part!! I have always loveddd Lip Stick and always wished I could be one of those ladies that could pull off wearing it everyday! Especially those bright reds and pinks! But nope, I was too embarrassed to even try them on!! Until tonight! Oh. My. Goodness!! I’m in loveeee with the brightest pinks and reds LipSense has!! There are 36 different shades and I hear more are coming! Macey even showed me fun mixes of colors to create some cool different shades!! I am now the happy owner of Fire N Ice && Praline Rose!! I have a running Wish List going of which colors I want next!! She said 1 tube of LipSense will last you the length of time 4 tubes of regular lipstick would!!! STOPP!! I kept forgetting I even had the LipSense on, I would walk past a mirror and would be startled! After that cold cup of coffee, baby kisses, and then another glass of wine, and it’s still on looking fresh!! No signs of it on the mug, baby, or wine glass!! Here are some of our photos trying on the different colors!!


My Wish List:
Shadow Sense: Candlelight
LipSense: Samon
Black LashSense with UnderSense

If you’d like to see more of these products and get more information, check out her page: GlossyBossy!

Thank you for bearing through this one with me!! â€‹Toast to you!!



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