Bad Luck Christmas

I mentioned to one of my best friends, Rebekah, the day after Christmas that I was ready to take all of the decorations down so I can get everything organized and feel like my life is back together. She told me I couldn’t until after New Years or I would have bad luck all next year!! I’m not a huge superstitious person but who am I to mess with the chance of bad luck! I don’t have time for that!! I was very curious what this was all about so I did some research! I see there are multiple sides to this, so I am going to share this with you and let you decide when you will take your Christmas decorations down!

They say if you don’t take your tree down before December 31st then all of the bad luck from the previous year will follow you into the new year!

Then there are some that say you should take your tree down on January 5th because that’s considered the last day of the 12 days of Christmas. Not before or after!!

January 6th, some say, is when you should take it down in observance of Epiphany and if left up past the 6th you’ll have bad luck! They say if it’s up past the 6th you have to leave it up for the rest of the year! My mother in law doesn’t take her tree down until the 6th because for the Catholic religion, Christmas doesn’t end until the 6th!

Like I said before I don’t like messing with bad luck! So I wanted to know where this started and why we would have bad luck?!?

Back in the day they believed spirits lived in the greenery like your tree. By taking everything down you were releasing the spirits. If you didn’t then your farm land wouldn’t grow!

I’m questioning ALL of this!!

But wait there’s more!!

They say that the lights that we put up today symbolize the star guiding the way for the wise men. So if we take everything down before epiphany then wouldn’t we be taking everything down BEFORE the wise men found their way?! I need answers people!! If you have more information && knowledge on this let me know!!

I took down all of our decorations (I did it for my sanity!! I needed life organized again!) I left all of the boxes stacked in the hall though! They aren’t fully put away!! I still have another day to fully decide what I’m going to do!! When are you taking your decorations down??

**This is just for fun!!!**

I got my information from: Mirror and SheKnows.


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