Crockpot Lasagna

Yesterday we had our 2nd Advent Brunch with my in laws! We, well Penelope, lit the Peace candle and it was our Sunday to bring the food!

My husband cooked an Incredible Crockpot Lasagna!! He got the inspiration awhile back from here, we’ve just added our own little touches && made this a little easier to get for you! We started setting it all up before we left for church and by the time we were out and headed to my in laws, it was all ready!! We added a salad and some garlic buttered bread with it!! P.s. I’m sharing a SUPER easy dessert we made after at the very bottom too!!

Here is the recipe:


2 Jars of Ragu Traditional Spaghetti sauce

3 cups of shredded Kraft Mozzarella cheese

1 cup of shredded Kraft Parmesan cheese

2 1/2 cups ounces Frigo Ricotta cheese

1 egg

3 Tablespoons is half and half

1/4 tsp salt

1 lb of Ground Beef (We use Ground Turkey)

1 lb of Italian Sausage

12 uncooked Barilla Lasagne noodles

Let’s begin!!!

1. Cook the Ground Beef/Turkey and Italian Sausage until Brown. Mix in the Spaghetti sauce for your meat sauce! (Notice my Rae Dunn spoon rest!!! I’m obsessed!!!)

2. Mix the ricotta cheese, half and half, the egg and your salt in a bowl

3. Mix the shredded cheeses together

4. In the crockpot: start with a layer of sauce, then uncooked lasagna noodles. Break the noodles to cover a layer in the crockpot. Put a layer of the ricotta mixture and then a mixture of the shredded cheeses. Repeat this until you run out of ingredients/room. We got about 4 layers in our average sized crockpot! We ended with a layer of the meat sauce and saved a little bit of the spaghetti sauce from the jar and made a final layer to make sure the noodles cooked and nothing dried out! Then put a thick layer of cheese on top so when it’s done cooking there is a nice melted cheese on top 😋


5. Place the lid on the crockpot and cook on high for 3 hours!!

6. Serve!! This could feed about 8-10 people!


After we made these SUPER easy Christmas-y cookies!! Peppermint Sugar Cookies!

We had a package of Pillsbury Sugar Ready to Bake Cookies, cook them as package states! Unwrap Candy Cane Kisses and put them in the centers before they fully melt!



What are some of your favorite Crockpot meals??

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