Baby’s First Snow Day

We live in South Texas, the last time we got hit by a hurricane was 1970, the last time we got snow was in 2004! This year, we got both!!! Something is definitely going on!!!

The news kept saying we might get a few flurries but at 4am my husband woke me up to about 3 inches of snow!! Yep, snow!!!

Before we get too excited though, let’s back track a few hours! If you follow me on any other social media platform, you know I’m going to be in a play, The Christmas Carol, at our church next weekend! Last night we had a dress rehearsal so we were heading over to that and it had been raining all day long. We were almost there when we were rear ended pretty badly! The roads were slick and the guy slid right into us at a light. I missed rehearsal, my back is pretty sore, and I’m going to have to completely replace the back of my car! But all things considering I’m just Thankful everyone is ok! I’m sharing this because I’ve heard of too many accidents on the news because of the winter weather moving in on everyone! You never think it’s going to happen to you! So please be extra careful when out in the snowy weather!!! Here is some of the damage to my car 😔

t forward again to this morning and back to the fun stuff!! When we woke up again a few hours later we had to see if the snow was still there. The news said it would stop by 7am and melt away immediately. We went out and there were 7 inches of snow in some spots and it didn’t start melting until around 3pm! This was only a half day adventure but we made the most out of it!! I mean it’s Penelope’s first snow day!!!

We just received the perfect snowflake bow from one of Penelope’s Brand Rep bow companies so of course we had to wear it today!! Aloha Bows (Code: Penelope10)

wman [snowgirl]! && We of course had to add a bow for our bow loving baby girl, Penelope Grace! We didn’t have any carrots, so don’t judge our orange wine bottle reusable cork for a nose! 🤦🏽‍♀️

Because of the snow, a power line went down and the electricity to the schools went out which made it a full on snow day for the students!! So, we went to play with my niece and nephews and we made Snow Ice Cream! My mom made this with us when we were younger, we lived in North Texas and got snow once a year!! I love passing on these traditions to my little one!

We got our recipe from Happy Hooligans since I didn’t remember the exact measurements!

Snow Ice Cream

• 8-12 cups of fresh, white, new-fallen snow (a cup here in North America is 8 oz.)

• 300 ml  can of sweetened condensed milk (10 ounces)

• 1 tsp vanilla

Mix together

The kids loved making this together and eating the snow! They kept asking if this is where real Ice Cream comes from. 😂

Since dad worked all day he missed out on baby’s first Snow day. He came home and gathered as much snow as he could find left on the ground and made a baby snowman with Miss Penelope! They are too sweet together!!

Penelope Grace had way too much fun with the snow! I loved making these memories with her!!

Do y’all get snow? And absolutely love it or hate it? What are some other fun things to do in the snow?

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