Mama’s Sick Day Miracle Tea

I understood NyQuil’s commercial about parents not having sick days, but I didn’t TRULY understand how terrible it really was until I became a mom. All you want to do is lay down and rest to get better and all baby wants to do is be the most playful and needy they’ve ever been in their life that SAME day!!!

I woke up with a terrible ear ache and sore throat this morning! I have taken 4 Airbourne, going on my 3rd dose of DayQuil Severe and just finished my 2nd Miracle Tea from Starbucks they call “The Medicine Ball” or “The Coldbuster”. I am sitting in bed with my 8 month old and have surrounded her with all of the [quietest] toys I can find so she can be entertained and I can rest! I decided to share this amazing-ness of a recipe with you while I fight to stay awake until my husband gets home!!

When I was pregnant I got really sick and of course, there was nothing I could take! A friend told me about “The Coldbuster” from Starbucks so I ordered one to soothe my sore throat and I was hooked immediately!!

Here is the recipe just in case your barista hasn’t heard of this or you want to try to make it at home:

  • 1 bag of Mint Majesty Herbal Tea
  • 1 bag of Peach Tranquillity Herbal Tea (If you’d like a caffeinated version try it with Jade Citrus Mint Green Tea)
  • Add 1/2 hot water and 1/2 steamed lemonade
  • Add a little honey
  • 1 pump of peppermint

Drink as hot as you can to soothe your throat but be careful not to burn your mouth!

*I’ve looked it up online and I see a Matthew L. created this; sir, I am praising you like crazy right now!!

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