The Meaning Behind Where our Business Names Came From

Have you ever started a business, blog, or any anon account where they ask for your name? You try to think of something super clever, something that will stick, people will remember, people will relate to, something that will describe everything you are about in 1-3 words! It’s harder than you think!! Here is how we came up with our business names!

JBBM Marketing is our Family Business. We decided we wanted to start our own business after I had my daughter, Penelope Grace. I didn’t want to go back to work and my mom had been wanting to start her own Marketing company so we said there is no better time, let’s do this!! We knew we wanted it family focused, came up with a family tree image that we wanted to go after! I really really wish I kept the paper we had that had all over our ideas as we threw them out one afternoon at Starbucks (our favorite meeting location). We were starting to give up, for the day, when we said let’s just name it after us!! We are the ones running it, we couldn’t do this without each of our abilities and knowledge. JBBM is James, (my dad), Barbie (my mom), Britnee (myself), and Megan (my sister), the first letter of each of our names!! It truly is a family business! My dad has a degree is Business Management, my mom has all of the experience and connections, I have a Marketing degree and my sister is going to school for Graphic Design! We love helping other small business’ grow!

For Mama’s Cold Coffee, it’s pretty self explanatory!! It didn’t take me long to figure out what to name my stuff! I decided I wanted to start a blog after I got my daughter into brand repping. I have always been fascinated with lifestyle bloggers but I never had the confidence that anyone would want to read what I have to write. (Ya’ll still might not 😉 lol) But I went for it anyways!! I have always been a big fan of coffee & Starbucks and even more so after having Penelope Grace. I noticed after having a baby though that I got distracted so easily and would completely forget about my coffee or where I even put it. I felt like I was constantly drinking cold coffee and reheating it. I thought I’d cheat the system and start drinking iced coffee but then I was drinking watered down coffee! ewwww!! Most of my posts will be about mama life, I mean it is my whole life now, so Mama’s Cold Coffee is where we started!!

What are the names you came up with for yourself? How did you come up with them and the meaning behind them!? I’d love to hear!!


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