Traveling on Road-trips with Baby and Family!

With the holidays here, lots of people are getting ready to travel!! I was always pretty proud of myself for keeping my bags to a minimum, but that was definitely BEFORE Baby! This thanksgiving I have 5 total bags JUST for Baby and myself!!! For myself, I normally thought, eh I’ll get by if I forgot something, with baby, nope, you prepare for the end of the world and everything in between!! Babies don’t understand “just getting by”!! I’ve made a little list of items I had to make sure I didn’t forget!!! && a few little tips to make road trips with baby more enjoyable for the whole family!!!

Let’s get started:

Pack An outfit for each day- I laid out each outfit individually by day we’d be gone: shirt, pants, bow, socks, any additional accessories and folded them together so I didn’t forget anything for that day! && then I added an additional 2 outfits because you never know what messes she’ll get into! Don’t forget pjs too!!

Meds, thermometer, etc- Don’t forget some Tylenol, gripe water, anything you may use at home often! Especially if you are traveling to a different climate, you don’t know how baby’s allergies or something will act up!

Snacks- Penelope’s favorite snacks are the Gerber Puffs right now && we love our SkipHop Snack Holder!! She can easily reach in and grab snacks, gives her something to do and there’s a lid over the rubber catchers so she can’t spill them or crumbs fall all over the car!!

Diapers, wipes, formula, bottles, baby food, etc – Durr!! We did find a turkey && corn baby food by Plum for Penelope for Thanksgiving! Lol I think I’m the only one excited about this!! She can eat Thanksgiving Turkey with us!! Don’t forget to find the little things in making this all fun!!

Extras- Depending where you are traveling too, if it’s cold, bring mittens && beanies! We are going to my grandparents, so we brought her bouncer! As much as family is going to want to play pass the Baby, she’ll want to be put down and play herself! We also brought her Boppy booster seat so we can hook it onto a chair at the dinner table so she can sit with us and we don’t have to mess with bringing the bigger high chair!

Toys- Bring toys they can play with in the car and once you get there! It may get annoying after awhile but bring toys that stimulate baby’s senses, noise, lights, all of the fun stuff! They will get bored in their car seat and fussy and makes the trip seem a million times longer! They aren’t entertained just staring out the window and if they are still in the car seat, they can’t even see out the window, just the roof of the car the whole time! Don’t worry, they won’t play with them the whole time! I also had to make sure I had Penelope’s Wubbanub! That keeps them quiet too! 😜 We brought tethers for baby too! She has 3 teeth now!! We love these from ChawableCharm!! For the older kids, check out these mini travel interactive chalkboards from ChalkFullOfDesign! We can’t wait for Penelope to try these!!

Play games- While we are on the topic of entertaining…Play games such as license plate bingo! Bring some paper and pencils for the older kids!! Make bingo boards, let them pick the different states they think they will find and then at the same time everyone starts and call out and mark off the state license plates they find and see who gets bingo first! They can also play hangman, tic tac toe && anything else they can think of or just color!! Have everyone find the letters of the alphabet in order on signs and billboards on the side of the road too!

Download your favorite music && our new favorite thing is podcasts!! Check out the JuHu Roadshow!!! Switch back and forth, it helps break up the trip &&& distracts you from the long drive!

I saw on Pinterest this mom got clothes pins and put each of the kids names on them and stuck them on her visor. If a kid got rowdy and misbehaved their clothes pin would be taken down and they didn’t get to pick out a treat at the next stop! I thought this was absolutely genius!!

What are some of the items you CAN’T forget at home? Some of yalls favorite car games? Or how you get through a road trip with the family? I’d love to hear!!


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