My Favorite 5 Items this week! – Holiday Outfits for Baby

My favorite 5 Items this week!! These will range from baby items to mama to everyone items!! I am always looking for new fun things and maybe you are too!! So here you go!!

This week will be baby holiday outfit based!! Now that I have a little one I realize how much more fun the holidays are and of course we have to dress her up in all of the adorable themed outfits!! I am going to post 2 shops per category for getting your baby all decked out this Christmas!!

  1. Outfits: 

The Rosie Marketplace – Use code Penelope15

They only have a limited amount of custom made items, so if you see something you love, snag it now! I love this shop because you know it’s something special that a bunch of other kids won’t be wearing!!

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 3.51.25 PM

Honey Beez Boutique – Use Code: Ref04

They have multiple adorable dresses and rompers for different holidays, birthdays, and just everyday wear!! LOVEE the details in their items!!

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 3.50.49 PM

2. Shirts:

Olivia + August – Use Code Penelope15

We are OBSESSED with Elf so of course we have to have some themed shirts! I love the clever little shirts they have, like their Guac shirt, go check it out so you see what I’m talking about!!!


The Blue Sage – Use Code HolidayFriends

SEE, OBSESSED!!! Buddy the Elf is on this #SquadGoals shirt!! This shop takes custom orders too if you’re still looking for something in particular!! We love their designs!


3. Jewelry: 

Kristens Creations – Mention Penelope!

This shop has made us multiple custom necklaces and add the cutest little tassels on the necklaces && bracelets!! They are another shop that only makes custom and ready to sell items, basically one of each, so if you see something, snag it!!

Mickee Moos

This shop is just as amazing! Able to take photos of your Christmas Outfits and make you matching jewelry!! Love the little charms they add! I love that they have these little sets, the matching necklace and bracelet!!!

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 4.02.51 PM      Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 4.03.06 PM

4. Toys: 

Lil Fox Toys – Use Code Penelope15

This shop hand cuts and paints these little wooden toys that are safe for babies to play and chew on! You can order them with wheels too! They have come out with the cutest holiday items!!!

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 4.04.28 PM


We cannot go ANYWHERE without Penelope’s Elephant Wubanub so when we saw they had a holiday limited edition Reindeer one you know we ordered it immediately!!

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 4.52.03 PM

5. Bows: 

Che. Bella Bows – Use Code BellaFriend

All of their items are made out of limited fabrics that are found at unique places so you will find items and fabrics that not every other bow shop is using!! They are absolutely adorable!! A portion of their proceeds also go to helping fight human trafficking!! Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 4.10.22 PM

Aloha Bows – Mention Penelope10

They have the most perfect Big Messy Bows and she designed her own “Julia” bow! We love our custom bows from here!! She is always doing giveaways too!!

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 4.10.52 PM\


I hope you have as much fun shopping as I did!!! Let us know what items you picked out and what your favorite baby holiday items are this year!!


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