Our Thanksgiving Traditions

It’s THANKSGIVING TIME!!! Halloween is fun and all but Thanksgiving is when I get in my holiday groove!! I trade out all of the Spiders, Ghosts && Jack O Lanterns for Turkeys, Leaves && Pumpkins and get ready for all of our traditions!

The first year my, then, finance and I lived together we held a Friendsgiving in our little apartment! It was so so so much fun, so much fun that we are now getting ready to hold our 4th Annual this year! We make the ham && turkey and our friends bring all of the sides and desserts, we make it a big pot luck! Every year everyone signs a little white pumpkin as the guest book and we use it for decor. (P.s. Have you noticed that that was my first period, all other sentences have ended in explanation points! I just get so excited! lol) I also have Thanksgiving themed coloring pages for the little ones to color on and Thanksgiving photo props for fun! Last year I found out the gender of our baby the week of our Friendsgiving party so we used that as our gender reveal party! We painted a few of the pumpkins with pink on the bottom and told everyone to pick up a pumpkin near them && yell out the gender when you find it!

Waddle It Be?!

After our Friendsgiving party I ALWAYS bring out the Christmas decor as soon as we finish cleaning up! My husband ALWAYS fights it and rolls his eyes but I do it anyways! We don’t spend Thanksgiving in our home and I am RIDICULOUSLY OBSESSED with Christmas and go ALL out with decorating! Think of how Buddy decorates the store when he thinks Santa is coming in the movie ELF, ya, that’s our home!!!! So I want more than 4 weeks to enjoy it before I have to pack it all up!

For actual Thanksgiving week we have our family reunion every year at my Grandparent’s house! We have as many as 40+ family members come some years and most of us stay at my grandparents, having big sleep overs on air mattress’ under tables and all!! && Yes, it’s SO much fun! We joke when anyone gets married that part of the vows are that the spouse has to spend every Thanksgiving with us and they can always have Christmas! Most families are happy with that arrangement.

  • On Wednesday everyone drives in and we make a big soup type dinner so it can stay on the stove and stay warm as people arrive!
  • On Thursday the women all start cooking and the men start setting the tables up outside and go fishing, I sit my happy self on the couch and watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!! It’s my dream to go see it in person! We all eat a late Thanksgiving lunch and then watch the Football games! We go outside and have a family baseball game against each other, work off some of that food!! We have a White Elephant Gift Exchange at the end of the day and then eat all of the leftovers!! 1/3 of the family goes the bed, 1/3 goes Black Friday Shopping and the other 1/3 stay up playing board games!
  • On Friday we go to this Home For The Holidays Christmas Celebration in their downtown. It is the cutest downtown square! It’s one of those old squares with the courthouse in the middle and all of the boutiques around the square. They block the square off and set up a snow slide, Santa Photos, and all sorts of other fun Christmas Activities, even a train for the kids to ride on around the square!


  • Saturday we pack up and drive to go see and stay with my Best Friend who lives out of town. We put up her Christmas Tree and exchange our Christmas Gifts! This year we will be going and doing a late Thanksgiving Dinner with my husband’s family at my Brother & Sister-in-law’s home on Saturday!! Getting to do Thanksgiving with both families is going to be so perfect!!

The Friday after Thanksgiving, to me, IT IS OFFICIALLY CHRISTMAS TIME!!!

A few ideas I would love to start once Penelope gets a little older and some fun ideas for your little ones:

  • Make a turkey out of their hand and write what they are thankful for on each finger/feather!
  • ABC’s of thanks, write something you are thankful for that starts with each letter of the alphabet.
  • Get them in the kitchen and bake a pie together to give as a gift to someone!
  • Let them pick out a few non perishable items to donate to a food bank and explain why!
  • Make a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Bingo sheet and have them mark off the floats as they see them!
  • Let the kids make a wish with the wish bone!

What are some of the fun Thanksgiving traditions you have with your family and friends?

Turkey Illustration Thanksgiving Poster-2

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