Penelope Grace’s {updated} Nursery 

At 8 weeks pregnant I was rushed into surgery to get my appendix removed and was considered high risk the remainder of my pregnancy! I absolutely loved how we set up and decorated Penelope’s Nursery BUT it wasn’t everything I dreamed it to be!! I looked at so many “themes” but I decided to keep it as a simple design so that she can grow with it! Also we didn’t want to have to do a major redecorating when she decides her style is something other than what we had done!
Here was her nursery we had set up when she was born! Her little changing area on her dresser! && Basket full of Blankets!

We put her pacis in the glass vase and framed one of my favorite sonograms!

We got her mobile custom made from Etsy!

I added little pompoms on the shelves to add a little something extra! The flowers and butterfly are from her baby shower decor!


Fast forward 6 months: My little sister moved out of my parents house && my parents wanted to turn her room into an office! They were looking into selling all of her fairly new bedroom set! I took it in a heart beat!! I mean just wait until you see the scalloped edges && how perfect it goes with her room!! I know most of the ideas I did are for when she’s a little older but it was just too fun not to set up now!! P.s. I already decorated for Thanksgiving!! Lol

Ok ok, here are the photos!!
I have her baptism dress on display, all of her little shoes lined up on the bottom shelf of the dresser, she has one bin for toys and another for dirty clothes! I have her diapers, wipes, and ointments hanging on the door!!

I have her outfit from the hospital pinned on her desk too! The desk will be her arts and craft area! I have a little sign that says “look what I made” && she can pin her art!!

Her little play area all set up!!

Her crib didn’t change!

Here is her little dress up area! After the holidays I’ll hang dress up clothes && some fun accessories in the little basket! All at her height!

Here is her little reading nook! We put the hard paged books on her level and the paper pages books up a little higher! We even have her holiday themed books up on the shelf!!

I cannot wait to watch her grow and play in her room!! If you have any questions about where I got something in her room, just ask!! What are some fun things you have in your little ones room?

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