10 Products I Couldn’t Live Without the First 6 Months with Baby

As we are rolling in Month 7 with Miss Penelope I wanted to share my MUST HAVE – I COULDN’T LIVE WITHOUT items for the first 6 months! These aren’t JUST baby items but things that helped get me through all of the fun and those “What did I just get myself into” moments! If you are an expecting mom, there are going to be hundreds of items that you may be told you need to register for and there really are. It’s amazing how much stuff a tiny little human needs!!! So not to add more to your list, but make sure you at least have these in mind when gearing up!!

(Click on the item name to go to the link for the item we have && love!)

  1. Wubanub – We cannot go ANYWHERE without her elephant Wubanub (paci)!!! Penelope won’t take a regular paci but she loves to use this when going to sleep! It’s perfect size for her little hands to play with and now that she’s teething she loves chewing on its ear 🤦🏽‍♀️. My best friends dog got ahold of her last one and ate the paci part! We didn’t realize how attached she was to it until nap time! Let’s just say we had to make a rushed emergency run to Target a get a new one! 5 seconds after opening it she was out!!! We have a back up on hand at all times now!!
  2. Netflix – Ok this one isn’t so much a “Baby” product but it will SAVE you at 3am when the baby is up for another feeding and you are trying anything to stay awake! I loved it as a mental break, as back ground noise, as hearing other adults talking, and once Penelope Grace started learning to focus on things, a great distraction while I made a bottle or fix my hair. Judge away but you need little, short distractions for them! You will do anything to avoid them crying if you can over little things!
  3. Boppy Pillow – When P was a newborn we used to lay a blanket over her boppy and she’d sleep on it all day! As she has gotten older, we now use it to help support her sitting up and not falling over! She got sick around 5 months and had a bad cough, so we used this to prop her up at night to help her breathe! We got her monogrammed boppy cover on Etsy from my best friend at P’s baby shower!! 
  4. Formula Storage Containers – I unfortunately was not able to breast feed as long as I wanted (story for another time) so we went to formula! These formula storage containers have been life savers!!!! We actually have 2 for really long days out and about to have about 6 bottles ready!! They work for holding the little puff snacks when they get older too!
  5. Baby Tylenol – I had a big personal struggle with this one! I always felt bad like I was just drugging my child but then I came to terms that I would rather offer her a little bit of relief! With them being babies I was always scared: “They are too little for meds”!! But when the drs are telling me to give them after shots to avoid the pains and especially when she started teething, she was miserable!! May seem silly but I definitely recommend having some on hand, but it’s also a little thing you may not think of with everything else needed!
  6. Rock N Sleeper – P slept in this from night one, by about 2 weeks she was sleeping through the night in it!!! Anytime she’d start stirring in her sleep it’d rock her back to sleep!! It’s also compact enough when folded up that when we traveled she was still able to sleep in it and it wasn’t a big adjustment being away from home for her. 
  7. Coffee Machine – If you don’t have one already, invest now!!!!! You will learn to love coffee if you don’t!! I used to only drink very sugary “foo-foo” coffee’s and I can now drink straight espresso shots!! Those long nights and early mornings, you’ll be looking for a caffeine fix!! This Kerig is my favorite! I can make multiple cups quickly throughout the day without the hassle of setting a whole coffee pot up and reheating it all 50 times!!
  8. Swing – The third night at home Penelope Grace woke up screaming; as a first time mom and trying everything I could think of from a bottle to a diaper change AND she wouldn’t sleep in her Rock N Sleeper or even my arms I was getting desperate!! Finally I put her in her swing and I slept on the couch in the living room next to her for 4 hours (the longest straight sleep I had since going into the hospital)!! It was glorious! The swing and I became best friends after that!! 6 months later and P still loves swinging in it!! 
  9. Diaper Bag Backpack – I registered for a very nice Diaper Bag Backpack from Babies R Us && I used it for the first 5 months and I loved it! BUT then I found THIS diaper bag on amazon and oh. my. goodness I became obsessed with it quickly! The top opens so wide, the pockets inside are placed perfectly and holds toys, bottles, formula containers, snacks, and it even has a back bottom pocket you can open to grab items in the bottom of the bag conviently!! Check out the link for more photos of what this Bag does!!!! I highly recommend it to all of my friends! I’ve had mom’s stop me out in public asking where they can go get one when they see me using it for P!! Plus it’s only around $30 compared to the others starting around $80+!!
  10. Swaddle Blankets – For obvious reasons when they are newborn!! But as P has gotten older we still use them as regular blankets, we live in S. Texas so it’s always hot here so we don’t need heavy blankets! We use it to lay on the ground to let her sit and play! I love items that are multi use and you can use them for awhile!! 

What are some of your must have items with a 0-6 month old?? I’d love to hear! While we don’t plan on having another baby for a year or so I like to keep updated on what’s helpful!! I will say, next baby I would love to get a DockATot!!!! Good Luck Mamas!!!

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